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Update: The Cre-Elite formula is currently being modified to include two additional ingredients in order to create a complete muscle growth and recovery blend. A pure creatine powder will also be offered for those who prefer the basic version. We are working to get these released as soon as possible, but due to the current creatine shortages we don't have an exact date quite yet. Enter your email below to be notified.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cre-Elite compare to other creatine products on the market?

Cre-Elite is as high quality as it gets since we use 100% creatine monohydrate (the most research backed form of creatine available) delivered as German grade Creapure®, which is a 99.99% pure source of monohydrate.

We can’t speak for other companies since there’s no way of knowing where their creatine is specifically derived from, but with the Creapure® stamp on our label you can be guaranteed you’re getting the best of the best.

Our product also comes flavored as a naturally sweetened fruit punch drink mix, doubling it down as both a creatine supplement and a delicious zero calorie beverage you’ll genuinely enjoy consuming each day.


How do I know that Cre-Elite doesn't include any cheap fillers or hidden ingredients like other companies have been found using?

Cre-Elite is sourced from 100% Creapure® (produced by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH in Germany) which undergoes rigorous testing using the most advanced methods available to ensure that every batch is free of any harmful contaminants, fillers or banned substances.

Doesn’t creatine monohydrate cause bloating?

No, this is nothing more than a myth created by other supplement companies in order to charge a premium for their so-called “new and improved” versions of creatine.

Creatine monohydrate (just like all forms of creatine) does increase intramuscular hydration, but the additional water is stored inside of the muscle cell and not subcutaneously (directly beneath the skin).

If anything, creatine monohydrate will actually increase muscle definition and hardness.

Is it necessary to do a loading phase?

Although many creatine products will commonly recommend the use of a loading phase (where 20 grams per day is consumed for the first 4-5 days) this is ultimately an unnecessary method.

A loading phase will allow you to reach full creatine saturation at a faster rate, but 2-3 weeks at the standard 5 gram per day dose will get you to the same point regardless.

It’s not inherently wrong to use a loading phase, but it’s less cost effective and increases the chances of experiencing GI discomfort.


Is it necessary to cycle on and off?

There is no need to perform a creatine cycle by periodically going “on” and “off” of your creatine supplement every few weeks or months.

This does not provide any additional strength or muscle building benefit, and there is no evidence to suggest that ongoing creatine use poses any health risks or causes any alterations to the body’s natural production of creatine.

Are there any side effects?

Creatine has been studied in depth over the course of many years and found to be safe both in the short and long term in otherwise healthy individuals. [23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28]

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking any other medications then make sure to consult with your doctor first.


Is Cre-Elite gluten-free?


Is Cre-Elite vegetarian friendly?


Is Cre-Elite vegan friendly?



Shoot us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible:

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    1. A

      Alberto . (verified buyer)

      Very good product after two weeks of changing nothing to my rutine only adding creatine, y can really se the difference. Just sad that is still out of stock

    2. J

      Julio G. (verified buyer)

      Good taste

      I like the taste of this creation. other companies’ flavor tastes like medicine, but this one tastes a bit like fruit punch and mixes well. overall, the serving size is reasonable for the price considering how creatine has gone up in price recently. I have been a creatine consumer for a while and this creatine have been helping me regaining muscle and strength.

    3. W

      William .

      Great value

      Like how there is a short t ton Of crintine

    4. D

      Derek L. (verified buyer)

      Delicious and Pumped

      This is the best I’ve had and really enjoying the flavor! Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    5. J

      Jehu L. (verified buyer)

      Great Value

      Tastes great and lots of servings

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